Is the app secure?

As any company clearly should, we take privacy and security seriously at MDRS LLC. Here’s an overview of the way your data is treated when you use Android SMS for iChat:

Android SMS for iChat only uses secure connections for Apple Messages application. This means whatever you receive or send via the app cannot be seen by other people and is the same security employed by banks and online stores to protect customer information.

When you send or receive a text message, it arrives to our servers securely and then we transmit it to wherever you want it to go.

When you send text messages, we use Google’s Cloud Messaging service to deliver it. This does mean some of your push data may be transmitted through Google’s infrastructure, which we don’t control.

We store your account information in a way that is very similar to the banks. Your credentials contains a 128-bit key that makes them impossible to guess.

If you’ve got any questions, you can always reach us using the contact form on this site.