Is the app secure?

As any company clearly should, we take privacy and security seriously at MDRS LLC. Here’s an overview of the way your data is treated when you use Android SMS for iChat: Android SMS for iChat only uses secure connections for Apple Messages application. This means whatever you receive or send via the app cannot be seen[…]

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How does the app work?

Android SMS for iChat integrates your Android text messages with your Mac, through the Apple Messages app, similar to how iPhone users can send & receive text messages using the Apple Messages (previously iChat) app. First, you’ll need to download the Android app from the Play Store. Once you do so, you’ll create an account[…]

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How can I reset my password?

You can reset your password using the SMS for iChat Android app. If you are currently logged in to the Android app but don’t remember your password, please sign out of your account on your phone first. Once you are signed out of the app, you can find the “Forgot Password” option in the login[…]

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What do you mean by iMessages?

Our app syncs your Android texts with Apple Messages app so you can send & receive text messages on your Mac, using the Apple Messages app. Apple Messages app used to be called iChat and Apple renamed it to “Messages”, so when we say Apple Messages, we mean the “Messages” app (with blue icon) on[…]

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Why is iMessage for Android not possible?

Let’s start off by clarifying what we mean when we say iMessage since iMessage is most of the time confused with the Apple Messages app on OS X. In this blog post, iMessage means the blue messages iPhone owners can send to each other. Integrating with these messages on Android is impossible, because iMessage is[…]

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How can I delete my account?

We are sorry to hear that. For security measures, we delete all accounts automatically within 1 month of inactivity. Once you sign out of your account on your phone and delete it from the Apple Messages app, your account will automatically be deleted from our systems within 1 month. If you have an existing subscription,[…]